Video Training Series

Take advantage of our video training series and learn more about Routely. Operating the Routely app is easy and quick to learn. Watching this informative video series will help familiarize you with the finer features of the app. Once you have a working knowledge of all the features and functionality, you’ll be able to manage your pool service business with expert efficiency.

Training Modules

Setting Up Routely

In this video you’ll get an overview of Routely and begin to learn how to properly configure your software. This is a perfect primer course for anyone who is new to Routely or wants an overview of our pool service software in general.  This video covers some of the basic and advanced functionality of the software.

This is the first video in our training series is just a basic overview. More advanced users of Routely may find this video especially useful in training new employees on how to use the Routely software. When onboarding new employees or adding a user to your Routely account, this video provides a good solid primer for educating new users on the functionality of the software.

Setting up a New Customer

In our second video of the series, we showcase the ability the Routely software has for maintaining a customer database. In this training video we demonstrate how to enter a customer in the database. It’s very simple to quickly enter all of your customers and then begin applying services, products, and employees associated with them.

We explain the distinction between leads and recurring customers. How our database identifies one-off sales for say a pump repair or a cleaning from your weekly recurring customers. You have the ability to capture all of your customer details, lead details including the source. Routely lets you make a determination on how that customer wants to be contacted (via Text or Email) and whether or not to synchronize with Quickbooks when entering a customer.

Creating Work Orders

In our 3rd video of the training series we cover what work orders are, how to edit them, and the differences between a work order and a work order visit. We demonstrate a live example viewing and changing a work order for a technician. In our example we showcase editing work order information via the Routely pool service app. Using filters we can quickly search and find work orders & work order visits.

We also demonstrate how to apply products and services to a work order. Schedule a recurring work order. Set up billing for work orders and much more. This video is a perfect primer for schedulers who are in charge of creating work orders for service technicians.

Editing Work Orders

The work order module of Routely pool service software offers alot of flexibility in terms of what you can do with it.

In this video example we cover some of the more advanced aspects of creating and editing work orders within the Routely pool service app. Developer Nilson Silva uses a live example within his own Routely customer database to demonstrate how to effective delete a work order and replace it with a new work order. There are a few different ways to create work orders and he demonstrates the various methods. We show how to optimize your route to effectively schedule work orders, how to search for work orders, and how to change the status of work orders.

Work Order Delivery Settings

In our fifth video of the training series, we discuss how to edit work order notification settings. It’s a very common request from pool service companies using Routely. They want the ability to customize who receives notificiations from the software. Many pool service softwares limit the ability you have to adjust notification settings.

Adjust notification settings on work orders is actually incredibly simple and can accomplished within just a few clicks. Watch this informative short video tutorial on how to edit work order delivery settings.

Tracking Pool Leads

Tracking your lead sources is one of the most important things a pool company can do. You want to be able to effectively measure the source of your leads so that you can determine what marketing efforts are working. Many pool companies want a way to track their leads as well as the source so that they can have this type of business intelligence.

It enables them to make informed decisions about what to spend their marketing budget on. This video covers how to track the source of your leads within the Routely pool service software. We cover how to add custom lead sources and how to apply them to customers you add into the Routely customer database.

Creating Routes

In our 7th video of the training series, we discuss how to create Routes within the Routely pool service app. It’s an incredibly easy process and we break it down step-by-step. In this video demonstration we showcase the drag & drop capability of the route management aspect of the software as well as the process for creating a new route within your Routely database.

This walkthrough video demonstrates how to create a route. Routely can automatically create work orders to populate your route for recurring customers.

Creating Templates

One of the best features the Pool Service app Routely takes care of is repetitive tasks. Customers #1 complaint tends to be communication. Routely takes care of alot of the communication and repetitive notifications that need to occur between pool companies and their customers. Using the templating system of Routely, you can quickly create notification templates that can be reused for a variety of different notification types.

In this video example we walk through how to create a template from scratch and apply it to a customer notification that has to occur at an event milestone. Templates are incredibly easy to create within the Routely system or you can import your own HTML to create sophisticated customer notifications.

Batch Messages

One of the best features that Routely offers is the ability to send out batch messages to customers. Being able to eblast your customers within the software is a convenient feature that enables you to contact all of the customers on your route at once.  There are many different methods pool companies use to notify customers – such as Mailchimp, Constant Contact, and many others.

Routely offers the convenience to be able to send email marketing messages through the software. You can also set custom business logic which lets you send messages to specific customers. Watch this video demonstration that walks through how to create and send out batch messages.

Setting Up Quickbooks

Another great feature that Routely offers is seamless integration with Quickbooks Online. It is easy to synchronize your Routely application with Quickbooks. Watch this quick video demonstration that walks you through the step by step process of adding your Quickbooks account to the Routely application.

Once you’ve sync’d Quickbooks with Routely, you’ll be able to import all of your customers from Quickbooks into Routely. In our step-by-step guide, we walk you through importing your customers into Routely as well as synchronizing customer entry to automatically populate Quickbooks for single data entry.

Working With Quickbooks

In our 11th video in the training series we discuss some of the more advanced functionality of working with Quickbooks and Routely.  Routely allows you to create recurring transactions that report to Quickbooks and automatically charge your customers.

In this particular video, we showcase how to run reports from within Quickbooks based on the data entered into Routely. It’s very easy to run financial reports within just a few clicks. Developer Nilson Silva demonstrates how to run a financial report from inside Quickbooks based off Routely data.

Creating Estimates

Creating estimates for your customers should be an easy and straight forward process. Routely makes it easy to create digital estimates for your customers and send them with ease.  The software also makes it easy to quickly search estimates to see which estimates are closing into actual sales. This helps you see your sales closing percentage ratio which is incredibly helpful to pool companies.

In this video demonstration, we do a complete walkthrough of the estimate module to show you how to create and send an estimate to your customer within the Routely pool service app.

Creating Invoices

In our 13th instructional video in the series we discuss creating invoices for customers. Many pool companies find that it’s hard to keep up with invoicing so we creating an invoice module to make it easier for pool service companies to send out invoices in a timely fashion. We’ve created an incredible automation suite to make it easier to send out invoices to your customers.

In this video we walk you through creating a simple invoice for a customer on a non-recurring charge. This is a great primer video for anyone in your organization who will be performing billing. This video provides step-by-step instructions on how to create an invoice.

Advanced Invoicing

In our previous instructional video we discussed creating invoices. This video provides additional instructions and sample logic for how to create invoices for your customers. Each and every pool service company has their own individual methods of billing.

This video provides some instructions to help standardize the procedure of invoicing your customers.  It also provides a sample walkthrough of a straight forward invoicing procedure set up that is most common to many pool companies. This video just expands on the previous instruction set a little more.

Creating Projects

One of the biggest aspects of managing a pool service business is effectively managing on-going projects.

Many pool service companies take on remodeling work, or aspects that may involve numerous visits to a customer in order to complete an assignment. This is what we developed the projects module to help you accomplish. It allows you to create various milestones that need to be completed on an assignment.

This video tutorial encompasses an overview of the projects module. You’ll learn how to create a project inside of the Routely pool service app as well as manage your ongoing projects.

Adding Products & Services

Sending estimates to your customers is fast and easy. You can quickly add your inventory items of products & services to your Routely database. This allows you to put together an estimate in seconds and send it digitally to your client within the Routely interface.

This video gives a high level overview of how to add products and services to Routely. You’ll learn how to quickly recall those while putting an estimate together for your own customers.

Estimate & Work Order Types

This is an expanded tutorial video that covers setting custom Estimate types and Work order types. This allows you to create your own unique Estimates and Work Orders that are comprised of your own custom unique products and services. It’s actually a very easy and straight forward process that we break down step by step to teach you how it’s down.

Watch this quick tutorial video that covers setting Estimate & Work Order types. Developer Nilson Silva, demonstrates how to configure your own Routely app to add your own custom types.

Sending Quotes from Attachments

With Routely it’s easy to send before and after photos during a service call. You can quickly email them to a customer from within the Routely interface. This video tutorial demonstrates how to instantly send your customer a file attachment such as a photo or document from inside Routely. It’s a perfect primer to teach technicians how to use Routely to send photos during a service call.

This video tutorial will teach you the basics on how to use Routely to send quick file attachments, but is merely one useful feature in this full and robust pool service app.

Company Settings

Adjusting your company settings is a snap. This video covers a simple process of adjusting your company settings and making easy adjustments that effect system options. Learn how how to set your timezone, adjust automation settings on notifications, and workflow automations like automatic invoice generation in this section.

This tutorial will cover the basic functionality of settings you can adjust from within company settings. We are continuously making improvements to the software and will update this video as new features are added.

Entering Gate Codes

In the 20th tutorial in our video training series, we cover how to enter and save Gate Codes into your Routely database.  Quite often, many pool service technicians service pools inside of gated communities.

It’s a waste of time to have to recall Gate Codes while out in the field. Nothing is more embarrassing than having to call the customer and tell them you forgot their gate code.

This tutorial video comprises a quick overview of how to save gate codes so that you can recall them instantly while out in the field.

True Client Counts

Creating tags will help you simplify your life. It will also enable you to get a true client count on your number of true clients.

Tagging customers will help you instantly distinguish your recurring customers from 1 off clients. Doing this will give you an accurate client count so that you can get a net overview of the number of accounts you are actively servicing.

This video tutorial provides a useful overview to help you dilineate the exactly number of active accounts and customers you are servicing.

Route Optimization

One of the biggest challenges pool company owners have is managing their routes. Routely simplifies creating pool service routes. Using our drag & drop interface, you are able to quickly adjust your pool routes. Our simple to use interface makes pool service management and optimizing your route a snap.

Watch this quick tutorial video that provides a 10,000 foot overview of how the route optimization system works. Learn how to create routes for your company in just a few clicks.

Overview Updates

In one of our latest videos in our training library, we cover some recent updates that were made to the Routely pool service software. Learn about the new features and functionality that are in the latest version of the Routely app.

New updates to the dashboard, widgets and interface provide owners and managers with a 10,000 foot global overview of how their pool company is performing. Watch this informative video tutorial to familiarize yourself with the latest features that have recently been added to Routely.

Funnel Feature

In Routely we have an amazing feature called Funnels. This is a lead capture mechanism that passes your incoming lead data directly into Routely. Our customers find it to be one of the most useful features that enable direct CRM integration between their public facing website and their Routely software.

Learn how to create custom Funnel lead forms for your website and sync your incoming leads with Routely. Watch this step-by-step tutorial video.

Routely Mobile App

Routely provides a native app for both iPhone and Android devices. In this tutorial video we give a complete overview of the mobile app. Technicians can accomplish all of their data entry, clock in and out on a job, take before & after pictures, invoice – send estimates and more all from within the app.

This video tutorial is a perfect primer that covers the complete functionality of the Routely pool service app. Learn the capabilities of the Routely app by watching this quick video.

Motor Notes

In this latest video we discuss how the Routely mobile app helps you save and store information. Routely saves you time and money by providing you a cloud based database and mobile app with a complete customer & project database at your fingertips.

Routely is a smart app that lets you create reminders and notes so that you don’t drop the ball and forget critical information. Watch this video to learn how the notes feature works.

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